About Me

About Me

“Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world!”

Nope. Not a girl. Incorrect kind sir.

My name is Sebastian. Nice to meet you. I’m a dork. I admit it. I find life fascinating and am in awe every day. I use to have severe mental health issues. Thankfully, it is less severe now and I am no longer suicidal. Yeah to therapy!

Why was I suicidal? To put it simply. I was not living authentically and I could not handle my emotions. 1,2,3. Case closed.

What do I like? A lot of different things. I love movies that make me sad, inspired, laugh, happy, cringe, and more. I love the same type of books. I like to exercise and play sports and I love to joke around. Sadly I don’t feel comfortable enough to joke around with a lot of people because some people aren’t accepting of my dorkiness. I’m working on not caring though. Trying to be authentic around all people. People can like me or dislike me. It is there gosh darn American right! : D

I am all about growing and being authentic while living in the present moment and enjoying life as it comes by radically accepting the moment.

This blog is about Finding One's Path and living a worth living. It will be serious at times and at other times it will be comical. I hope you stick around and can learn some things from me and I can learn some stuff from you : D. 

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Hope you join me on this journey called life. 

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